Conference Chairman
Mike Willis, Pivotal Resources
Conference Speakers
Prof. Dr. Reinhard R. Baumann, Technische Universität Chemnitz

Dan Beery, Solimar Systems

Taylor Buckthorpe, Colordyne
Marco Boer, IT Strategies
Ramon Borrell, Xaar
Guy Broadhurst, Canon Solutions America
Karl Dueland, Xerox

Gray Falconbridge, Colordyne
Lawrence Gamblin, Kao Collins

Craig Greenwood, TIGER Drylac USA 
Peter Hessney, Sensor Films
Dr. Alan L. Hudd, Alchemie Technology
Nachum Korman, Landa Digital Printing
Dr. John L. Kuta, BDT Print Media North America
Jason Marsh, Nextflex
David J. Murphy, Hewlett Packard
Montserrat Peidró, Heidelberg
Tom Roetker, Memjet
Martin Schoeppler, FUJIFILM Dimatix
James W. Stasiak, Hewlett Packard
Debbie Thorp, Global Inkjet Systems

​​​​​​​​​February7-9, 2018

Avery Dennison
Mike Willis

Inkjet Printing Conference 2018

Paul Morgavi

John Law

Sun Chemical

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Displays & Suppliers Forum
Inkjet products and technology will be on display in the break/reception area and the Suppliers Forum enables you to hear short presentations on participating companies and their latest news.

All delegates will receive a free copy of the latest "The Numbers" Market Report by IT Strategies. Generated from their worldwide digital printing industry model, it provides an ongoing source of market information based on a consistent methodology and reporting structure.

Mike Willis

IT Strategies Market Report
All delegates will receive a free copy of the latest "The Numbers" Market Report by IT Strategies. Generated from their worldwide digital printing industry model, it provides an ongoing source of market information based on primary research.

Marco Boer

IT Strategies

Solimar Systems

​​1:30 p.m.                         Session 3

                           A systems approach to integrating digital inkjet: Memjet’s DuraLink system 
                              Tom Roetker, VP Engineering, Memjet, San Diego, California

                              - Systems approach assures that high quality is achieved

                              - The Memjet DuraLink platform offers a flexible systems inkjet design

                              - A new printhead & pigment ink are the key new technologies

                              - Memjet’s new technology platform offers OEMs
                                     > Fast integration
                                     > Reduced effort

                              - Integrated systems approach with all the components for
                                     > High productivity
                                     > High quality inkjet system

                              - Final product has robustness & reliability needed for commercial printing

                              - Benefits to OEMs & end users

                            Media handling trends for a print on demand world

                               Dr. John L. Kuta, President & CEO, BDT Print Media North America, Oakville, Ontario, Canada

                              - Opportunities

                              - Three current trends in digital print industry

                                     > Integrated & automated job processing solutions
                                     > Proliferation of media types
                                     > Need for highly reliable printer operation

                              - Overview of current media handling technologies

                              - Case Study: Reasons why feeding fails or becomes unreliable

                              - Business examples with financial impact

                            Printed flexible electronics
                               Jason Marsh, Director of Technology, Nextflex, San Jose, California

                              - Opportunities

                              - Digital manufacturing process flow

                              - Applications: sensors, interconnects, smart tags/RFID, wearable textiles

                              - Implications for inkjet

                              - Challenges

                            Printed electronics: When will it be ready for primetime? What needs to happen?

                               Karl Dueland, VP/GM Digital Manufacturing, Xerox, Webster, New York

                                - The collision of information & matter

                              - ‘Printing’ is the easy part

                              - Printed electronics challenges

                              - Real world implementations

                              - Reality of where printed electronics are today

                              - What progress is required for broader implementation, usage, & value creation?

                            The science of estimating ink

                               Dan Beery, VP of Product Strategy, Solimar Systems, San Diego, California
                              - Ink is a significant print cost component
                              - Estimating ink cost for jobs is an important cost metric
                              - Learn the science behind how Solimar Systems can:
                                     > Estimate cost before the job is run
                                     > Automated monitoring for repetitive jobs
                                     > Support color management

Suppliers Forum Session 2

7:00 p.m.                Networking Reception
Friday, February 9, 2018

8:30 a.m.                          Session 4

Martin Schoeppler

Hilton San Diego Mission Valley, San Diego, California, USA

Integrity Industrial Ink Jet Integration


February 7-9, 2018

Hilton San Diego Mission Valley, San Diego, California, USA

Topic Coverage and Schedule

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

11:00 a.m.                     Registration

1:30 p.m.                      Opening Session

                                                         WELCOME & INTRODUCTIONS

                                                                Alvin G. Keene, President, IMI, Carrabassett Valley, Maine
                                                                Conference Chair; Mike Willis, Managing Director, Pivotal Resources,

                                                                  Cambridge, UK

                           The Pace of Change: What Digital Print Innovations Mean for Commercial Printers
                              Marco Boer, Vice President, I.T. Strategies, Hanover, Massachusetts
                              - Commercial offset print volumes going down-some faster than anticipated

                              - Digital printed pages growing at double digit rates

                              - Margin pressures increasing for digital print

                              - When properly deployed, new digital print enhancements

                                     > Allow printers to break cycle of declining margins
                                     > Create new opportunities in color book printing, catalogs, magazines, direct mail,

                                        and package printing – the “Holy Grail” for print

                              - Can commercial printers also participate in industrial print markets?

                           “New” buyers & mass personalization drives further automation
                              Nachum Korman, VP & GM North America, Landa Digital Printing, Atlanta, Georgia

                                    - New” buyers want products specific to their needs

                              - They want them quickly & have less brand loyalty

                              - Everything becomes

                                     > On-demand: communication, gaming, & entertainment
                                    > More personalized: knowledge, news, & advertising
                                    > Greener & safer: 60% of consumers want to buy from environmentally responsible companies

                              - Key differentiators

                                    > Product proliferation
                                    > On-demand production
                                    > Mass customization

                              - Brands, content owners & printing industry are responding to these unique trends & opportunities

                              - Digital printing plays critical part in creating fully automated end-to-end solution

                              - Landa – the driving force of digital printing within these advanced automated ecosystems

                              - Progress with our technology solutions

                           2018-2020: Time to go ahead with digital packaging production
                              Montserrat Peidró, Senior Vice President - Head of Digital Print Business Unit, 

                              Heidelberger Druckmaschinen, Germany

                              - Automated collection & analysis of user data show customer approach has become more 


                              - Variation of products is almost exploding

                                    > Strong impact on shorter runs
                                    > Faster production cycles

                              - The question is no longer if digital is the answer for packaging printing 

                                    > How to build a profitable business with it 
                                    > Which technology to select strategically
                                    > What to take into account to succeed

                              - How will Heidelberg's Primefire technology solutions play in this market?

                           Hybrid inkjet: drives flexibility & differentiation print
                              Gray Falconbridge, CEO & Taylor Buckthorpe, Director of Sales & Marketing, Colordyne, Brookfield,                                    Wisconsin​
                              - End user viewpoint on investing in inkjet

                              - Balancing consumer demand & technology advancement

                              - Augment existing print production with inkjet

                              - Opportunity for inkjet in the narrow web label & packaging markets

                           “Flywheel Effect” as it relates to inkjet industry growth
                              Lawrence Gamblin, President, Kao Collins Inc., Cincinnati, Ohio

                              - What is the flywheel effect?

                                     > Analysis of related interactions driving growth
                                     > What’s necessary to accelerate growth?

                              - Application of flywheel effect to high speed inkjet printing

                              - Implications for inkjet industry  

                              - How does this apply in the real world?

Suppliers Forum Session 1: 5-Minute presentations related to technology, capabilities, services, new product introductions, etc. Led off by Sponsors, the Suppliers Forum is open to all conference registrants (Sessions on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons). For additional information or to sign up, contact Al Keene al@imiconf.com or check off box on registration form.

7:00 p.m.                       Networking reception in display area

Thursday, February 8, 2018

​​8:30 a.m.                          Session 2

                           MEMS inkjet printheads – addressing the needs of the print industry
                              Martin Schoeppler, President & CEO, FUJIFILM Dimatix, Inc., Santa Clara, California

                               - MEMS Concepts and technology

                               - MEMS advantages

                                    > Accuracy/resolution/consistency
                                    > Speed
                                    > Reliability/longevity
                                    > Scalability
                                    > Ink compatibility: graphic & functional

                               - MEMS implementation at Fujifilm Dimatix: Smaba, GMA

                               - Actual performance using Samba

                              - What MEMS holds for the future of inkjet printing

                           Adoption of thin film PZT Si MEMS inkjet printheads in industrial applications: the

                           Xaar 5601 solution
                             Ramon Borrell, Chief Technology Officer, Xaar, Cambridge, UK

                              - Thin film PZT Si MEMS printheads used routinely in office/commercial printing

                                     > Now carving their way into industrial sectors

                              - Industrial applications benefit from some of the new capabilities of the technology

                                     > High resolution
                                     > Compactness
                                     > Very high print quality

                              - But Si MEMS manufacturing process imposes new restrictions on actuator size and shape

                                     > Industrial inkjet requirements poses serious printhead design challenges

                              - Xaar 5601 has addressed the challenges in a number of ways

                                     > Novel architecture and design solutions
                                     > Alignment and calibration methods
                                     > Formulation and structure of the PZT elements

                              - Result is a robust, reliable, affordable, easy to install, compact, productive solution

                          Continuing expansion of thermal inkjet performance to drive new high-value

                             David J. Murphy, WW Director of Marketing & Bus Dev, HP PageWide Industrial, Hewlett Packard,

                             San Diego, California

                           Breaking boundaries in production inkjet printing to revolutionize high-end, high-

                           value commercial print market
                              Guy Broadhurst, Vice President, Technology and Client Solutions, Canon Solutions America,

                              Boca Raton, Florida

                              - Ongoing market adoption of production inkjet for direct mail, transactional, and book/publishing


                              - Inkjet is now poised to overtake toner-based & conventional print in many applications

                              - Océ ProStream is first print engine to provide
                                     > completely variable content
                                     > shorter runs at commercial print quality
                                     > high productivity on a wide range of uncoated, inkjet-optimized and offset-coated medi

                              - How to get ahead of the curve with new business opportunities         

                              - Preview of future inkjet technology developments & trends

12:00 p.m.                       Networking Luncheon

Join the over 185 currently (1/31/2018) registered attendees from the following companies at one or more of IMI’s Digital Print Week 2018 programs – February 6-7, 2018: Inkjet Academy, Digital Packaging Conference 2018, Security Printing Conference 2018, & Understanding Inkjet Ink Conference 2018 and February 7-9, 2018: Inkjet Printing Conference 2018: Abo Akademi University, Alchemie Technology, Angstrom Technologies, Appvion, Avery Dennison, Avery Dennison Digital Ink Solutions, BASF Corporation, BDT Print Media Group, Brady Corporation, Buena Vista Resources, Buhler, BYK USA, Cabot Corporation, Canon Inc, Canon Solutions America, Circle Graphics, Clariant Plastics & Coatings, CN Clark Company, Colordyne, Consultant Thomas Poe, Corning Inc., Crawford Technologies, Crown Prince Printing Press, Domtar, DuPont, Eastman Chemical, EFI, Emerson Automation Solutions, Esprix Technologies, Essilor of America, Felix Schoeller, Fujifilm Dimatix, Gem Gravure, Global Inkjet Systems, Global Graphic Services, Heidelberg, Hewlett Packard, Holoptica, ImageXpert, IIMAK, IMI, inc.jet, Integrity Industrial Ink Jet Integration, IT Strategies, Kao Collins, Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials, Landa Digital Printing, Luminescence, Mack Brooks Exhibitions, Mark Andy, Memjet, Michelman, NanoMatriX International, Nextflex, Nilpeter USA, OpSec Security, Pagemark Technology, Pall Microelectronics, Pivotal Resources, PPG Industries, Polestar, Procter & Gamble, Quality Engineering Associates, RadTech, Ricoh Printing Systems America, Roki S&S America, Seiko Instruments USA, SI2 Technologies, Sensient Colors, Sensor Films, SICPA, Solimar Systems, Sun Chemical, SunJet, Technische Universität Chemnitz, Temptime Corporation, Tiger Drylac USA, Total Printing Systems, Trendvision Technology (Zhuhai), Troy Group, Univ of Northern Iowa, US Dept of State, Veritrace, Work Associates, Xaar, XACTIV, Xerox, and Xpress Data.

IMI is excited to announce a sponsorship opportunity to enable inkjet industry participants to position themselves “front and center” before a key group of inkjet printing business leaders including executives, product developers, technologists, major users, etc. PLUS distributing their message to IMI’s global database of over 20,000 relevant contacts.

Our goal is to develop a “community” focused on the conference program and the Sponsors to generate excitement about inkjet technology, market, and application developments - benefiting all industry participants and end users.

 For additional information on this sponsorship opportunity contact Al Keene
al@imiconf.com or go to the Sponsorship page

Printer and other product demonstrations/displays by both conference speakers and registrants are encouraged.  IMI will cooperate with all interested parties to provide appropriate space so products can be displayed and demonstrated during the conference breaks & receptions.  There is no charge in addition to the conference registration fee to have a display table and/or give a 5-minute Suppliers Forum presentation.  Interested companies should contact IMI President Al Keene al@imiconf.com to ensure that proper arrangements are made for product displays and demonstrations.

You can also reserve your display space and Suppliers’ Forum presentation slot by registering online and checking off the appropriate boxes indicating your participation.

Sun Chemical

With the rapid technology developments, applications expansion, and increasing market potential - it is all the more important for you to keep up to date to maximize your participation, success, and profitability in the inkjet industry.

Inkjet Printing Conference 2018 is the flagship strategic conference for the inkjet industry, trusted as a primary source of high value information by senior executives and commercial managers for more than 25 years. The program addresses the most recent innovations, trend, and issues critical to continued adoption, growth, and expansion of Inkjet printing applications and markets. 

This two-day event includes the following elements:

  • Market briefings from leading analysts
  • Updates and views from industry pacesetters
  • Perspectives from key end users
  • New technology introductions from inkjet innovators

If you have a potential topic for presentation at this or another IMI conference, please submit your proposed presentation topic and a brief outline to Al Keene at IMI (Email al@imiconf.com).

IMI is always looking for potential speakers for upcoming conference programs and will be pleased to discuss your ideas for potential presentation topics.

Pivotal Resources

Paul Morgavi


The Strategic Advisory Board of industry luminaries, whose expertise covers a wide range of technology and applications in digital printing, will determine the conference program of topics and presentations. The Strategic Advisory Board members are as follows:

  • Martin Schoeppler, President & CEO, Fujifilm Dimatix
  • John Law, Managing Director Advanced Materials, Sun Chemical
  • Marco Boer, Vice President, IT Strategies
  • Paul Morgavi, Chief Technology Officer Ink Jet and Novel Printing, Xerox
  • Mike Willis, Chairman, IMI Europe & Managing Director, Pivotal Resources

​​​                           Software – the key to unlocking image quality and accessing new applications?
                               Debbie Thorp, Business Development Director, Global Inkjet Systems, Cambridge, UK
                              - Taking stock of inkjet post-Drupa
                              - Image enhancement technologies
                              - Challenges of adding finishing in-line
                              - The next dimension in direct to shape printing

                           Technological advances in 3D printing - Voxel scale design and engineering
                              James W. Stasiak, Distinguished Technologist, 3D Materials & Advanced Applications Lab, Hewlett

                              Packard, Corvallis, Oregon

                               - Brief tour of 3D printing & additive manufacturing technologies
                                     > Fused deposition modeling
                                     > Selective laser sintering
                                     > Stereolithography
                                     > Technology focus: HP’s jet fusion technology
                               - Form, fit & function – printing functional 3D objects
                                     > The transition from two- to three-dimensions
                                     > Functional materials
                                     > The extensibility of 2D printed electronics & methods
                               - Voxel-scale design and engineering
                                     > Nanomaterials, self-assembly & functional 3D printing
                                     > The emergence of “digital materials science”
                                     > Applications & opportunities

                           Digital printing for healthcare solutions
                              Dr. Alan L. Hudd, Chairman & Co-founder, Alchemie Technology, Cambridge, UK
                              NOTE: Alchemie Technology won "Great Innovations Award" - InPrint 2016, November 2016,

                              Milan, Italy
                              - Macroscopic trends for healthcare applications
                              - Vision for digital technologies in healthcare
                              - Digital technologies for selectively dispensing liquids & powders
                              - Braillejet opportunities: requirements & technology proposition
                              - 3D printing of customized medicine
                                     > Requirements & technology proposition
                                     > Progress & fast track to clinical trials
                              - Other potential applications

​                           Changing the world of flooring

                           Craig Greenwood, Regional Business Unit Director, TIGER Drylac USA, St. Charles, Illinois 

                            - Digital inkjet is changing how companies manufacture, & distribute flooring 
                               - Markets: wood, LVT, concrete, & composites 
                               - Durability 
                               - Quality 
                               - UV resistance 
                              - Affordability 
                              - Choices for today's buyers 

                              Starlight 3000FHE – advanced digital manufacturing systems for flexible hybrid

                              Peter Hessney, President, Sensor Films, Rochester, New York
                              NOTE: Sensor Films won "2017 TechConnect Innovation Award" - May 2017 TechConnect

                              World Innovation Conference & Expo, Washington, DC  AND  "2016 FLEXI Innovation Award" - March

                              2016 FlexTech Alliance Conference & Trade Show, Monterey, California
                              - High throughput prototyping & production platform with
                                     > Benefits of digital workflow
                                     > Performance of miniaturized semiconductor components
                                     > Fully-automated process to digitally deposit functional & decorative materials on wide range 
                                        of flexible substrates
                              - Starlight enables rapid industrial printing with
                                     > In-line photonic sintering & UV curing
                                     > Followed by automated surface mounting of discrete semi-conductor components
                                        & device encapsulation
                              - Enables rapid & efficient production of flexible hybrid electronics for broad range of high demand


                           Inkjet printing beyond color – Towards industrial fabrication of layer stacks on non-

                           flat surfaces
                              Prof. Dr. Reinhard R. Baumann, Technische Universität Chemnitz, Digital Printing and Imaging

                              Technology, Chemnitz, Germany
                              - Printers have gained competences enabling them to extend scope to applications addressing

                                functionalities beyond color
                              - Printing stacks of layers having the functionalities such as insulation, conductivity, & semi-conductivity
                              - 4-layer patterns can be manufactured which result in active electric circuitry
                              - Choosing the digital inkjet technology
                                     > Individualization of the appropriate products becomes reality
                                     > Enables the manufacturer to go for inline quality improvement techniques
                                     > Even on non-flat surfaces
                              - Opportunities, challenges and limitations of manufacturing systems for the industrialization of 

                                printing smart objects at small batch sizes

1:00 p.m.                       Adjournment

Martin Schoeppler

Martin Schoeppler

Fujifilm Dimatix

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Marco Boer
Marco Boer


Inkjet Printing Conference 2018gives you the opportunity to meet senior executives from within the inkjet industry as well as from companies using the technology or developing it for their use. With two networking receptions, a lunch and additional refreshment breaks, there is ample opportunity to meet with key people.

John Law

Mike Willis

Pivotal Resources

Troy Security Solutions
Alchemie Technology