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Inkjet Age of Materials Conference 2019

September 4-5, 2019

Embassy Suites Chicago – Lombard/Oak Brook, Illinois, USA

Conference Focus

IMI’s Inkjet Age of Materials Conference 2019 is designed to address the current and needed developments in inkjet materials necessary to realize the full potential for inkjet technologies in current and new applications.


The inkjet industry has made great strides in developing successful inks and functional fluids for many applications, yet continued ink and fluids development is considered by many to be the most essential component for inkjet’s continued applications diversification and market growth.


IMI’s Inkjet Age of Materials Conference 2019 addresses the challenges, options, and opportunities associated with future inkjet materials requirements, technology choices, drivers & barriers, and other issues required to effectively implement inkjet ink and fluids technologies for applications expansion and diversification. This strategic conference for the inkjet industry provides high value information on innovations, trends, and issues for senior executives, commercial managers, development teams, end users, and others looking to expand their knowledge and understanding of materials developments, products, and technologies shaping the future of inkjet as well as exchanging ideas with industry experts and peers.

This two-day event includes the following elements:

  • Updates & views from industry pacesetters

  • Market & opportunity perspectives from industry experts

  • New technology needs &introductions

  • Networking lunches, breaks & reception

  • Complimentary display space

  • Suppliers Forum presentation opportunity

  • IT Strategies market report: Digital Document & Industrial Print Beyond the Office

Strategic Advisory Board

The Strategic Advisory Board of industry luminaries, whose expertise covers a wide range of inkjet and inkjet ink technologies, provide guidance and advice in developing the conference program of topics and presentations. The Inkjet Age of Materials Conference 2019 Strategic Advisory Board members are


  • Dr Mark Bale, DoDxAct

  • Mark Hanley, President, I.T. Strategies

  • Dr. Alan L. Hudd, Director & Founder, Alchemie Technology

  • Tom Molamphy, Sales & Technology Manager Inkjet – North America, Siegwerk

  • Mary Schilling, Inkjet Development & Print Quality Manager, Inkjet Insight

Mary Schilling-Inkjet Insights.jpg
Mark Hanley-IT Strategies.jpg
Tom Molamphy.jpg
Alan Hudd1.PNG
Mark Bale - DoDxAct.jpg
Dr Mark Bale
Mark Hanley
I.T. Strategies
Dr Alan Hudd
Alchemie Technology
Tom Molamphy
Mary Schilling
Inkjet Insight

Conference Speakers

Dr. Mark Bale, DoDxAct

Taylor Buckthorpe, Colordyne
Mark Hanley, IT Strategies

Dr. Alan L. Hudd, Alchemie Technology

Dr. Simon Kew, Alchemie Technology
Dr. James McCrone, TTP Ventus
Eric Miller, Kao Collins
Tom Molamphy, Siegwerk
Mary Schilling, Inkjet Insight
Debbie Thorp, Global Inkjet Systems

Inkjet Age of Materials Conference 2019

September 4-5, 2019

Embassy Suites Chicago - Lombard/Oak Brook, Illinois, USA

Topic Coverage and Schedule

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

8:00 am            Registration 

9:00 am            Opening Session 


Welcome and introductions

Alvin G. Keene, President, Information Management Institute, Inc., Carrabassett Valley, Maine

Mark Hanley-IT Strategies.jpg

Inkjet’s strong progress

Mark Hanley, President, I.T. Strategies, Hanover, Massachusetts

  • Ink & materials are destiny

  • What is working in inkjet & what is not yet available

  • Numbers: The big picture in markets & technology

Mary Schilling-Inkjet Insights.jpg

Understanding performance indicators for aqueous & UV ink chemistries

Mary K. Schilling, Inkjet Development & Print Quality Manager, Inkjet Insight, Fountaintown, Indiana

  • Aqueous & UV ink chemistries: Used individually & in tandem

  • Each market has particular print quality needs which can change dramatically when crossing from aqueous to UV inks

  • For industrial markets: Outlining print performance, image quality, & market use is critical for both OEM & customer success

  • Important print aspects for markets such as automotive, industrial, & packaging

  • Performance needs & how they relate to each ink chemistry

Debbie Thorp-GIS.jpg

Understanding ink delivery systems

Debbie Thorp, Business Development Director, Global Inkjet Systems, Cambridge, UK

  • Standard features & system architectures

  • Requirements of different printhead types

  • Troubleshooting common problems

12:00 Noon      Networking luncheon

1:30 pm            Session 2

Mark Bale - DoDxAct.jpg

Inkjet inks: How do we come up with a successful recipe?

Dr. Mark Bale, Founder, DoDxAct, Somerset UK

  • Goal: Understanding ink options, complexities, formulation, & evaluation

  • Basic types: Aqueous, hot melt, oil, UV cured, hybrid

  • Colorants: Dyes & pigments/pigment dispersions

  • Colorant carriers for basic ink types

  • Numerous specialty chemicals & additives: biocides/fungicides, co-solvents, defoamers, humectants, monomers/oligomers, photoiniators, rheology modifiers, resins/polymers, stabilizers, surfactants, & more!!

  • A few examples of successful formulations

  • Optimizing the ink chemistry: Lab methods for process optimization

James McCrone-TTP Ventus.jpg

Achieving pulsation free & accurate meniscus pressure control

Dr. James McCrone, Managing Director, TTP Ventus, Melbourne, Hertfordshire, UK

  • Accurate & consistent meniscus pressure control critical for print quality         

    • Prevents ink wetting out

    • Prevents air ingestion into printhead

    • Limits variation in droplet volume & jetting

  • Traditional approach: Banks of 8+ printheads connected to single air-pump

    • Pulse-damper and/or accumulator us to deliver stable pressure

    • Complex & large size systems with long response times

    • Unable to provide independent control to individual printheads

  • TTP Ventus Disc Pump provides new option for meniscus pressure control

    • Ultra-smooth flow, rapid response & compact form factor

    • Improved system architecture: Small size enables integration with individual printheads

    • Enables modular systems

      • Fully independent bias pressure control

      • Optimal printing system performance

Alan Hudd1.PNG

Waterless smart dyeing

Dr. Alan L. Hudd, Director & Founder, Alchemie Technology, Cambridge, UK

  • Review of ITMA & progress of digital technologies in textile markets

  • Alchemie Endeavour: New disruptive digital approach to digitally dyeing textiles

  • Revolutionary benefits

    • 95% wastewater reduction (#2 polluter in the world)

    • Up to 85% energy reduction (#1 world contributor to climate change)

  • Alchemie Endeavour

    • Pre-treatment

    • Dyeing

    • Fixing

    • Applying functional materials

  • Outlook & opportunities

Suppliers’ Forum: 5-Minute presentations related to materials technologies, capabilities, services, new product introductions, etc.  The Suppliers Forum is open to all conference registrants.  For additional information or to sign up, contact Al Keene or check off box on Registration Form.

8:30 am           Session 3

Thursday, September 5, 2019

6:00 pm           Networking reception in Display Area

Ink developments enabling new opportunities for industrial inkjet

Eric Miller, R&D Chemist, Advanced Printing Solutions, Kao Collins, Cincinnati, Ohio

  • Remarkable achievements for novel water based inks for:

    • Decorative printing

    • Flexible packaging

    • Textiles

Taylor Buckthorpe-Colordyne.jpg

Packaging printing: Matching applications with the right inkjet technology

Taylor Buckthorpe, Director of Sales, Colordyne Technologies, Brookfield, Wisconsin

  • One type of inkjet doesn’t not fit all applications

  • Print providers & brand owners must select the right inkjet technology from

    • Aqueous dye

    • Aqueous pigment

    • UV LED

    • & more!

  • Selection factors include

    • Print engine configuration

    • Ink set

    • Printhead technology

  • Suppliers must be agile responding to customer needs & match each application to the right inkjet technology for each specific application

Tom Molamphy.jpg

Application of water based piezo inkjet inks for packaging

Tom Molamphy, Sales and Technology Manager North America, Siegwerk, Siegberg, Germany

  • Inkjet continues developing strong foothold in packaging & label space

  • It’s clear UV inkjet is not good choice for all packaging applications

  • Development direction & challenges for water based piezo applications

    • Optimizing drying characteristics while retaining print quality

    • White ink: Flexo vs. inkjet & pre-white vs. post-white

    • End user quality expectations for printed image

Simon Kew-Alchemie.png

Taking digital into three dimensions

Dr. Simon Kew, Managing Director, Alchemie Technology

  • 3D coating using digital data

    • Robotics technologies for fluid application

    • Precision fluid application techniques

  • Digital printing onto 3D shapes

    • Direct-to-shape printers

    • In mould labeling with digital printing

  • 3D printing of products

    • New applications: Food, pharmaceuticals, & metal casting

    • Industrial applications

1:00 pm           Conference Adjournment  

1:00 pm           Networking luncheon


Conference Sponsorship

IMI is excited to announce a sponsorship opportunity to enable inkjet industry participants to position themselves “front and center” before a key group of inkjet industry business leaders including executives, product developers, technologists, major users, etc. PLUS distributing their message to IMI’s global database of over 20,000 relevant contacts.


Our goal is to develop a “community” focused on the conference program and the Sponsors to generate excitement about inkjet materials technology, market, and application developments - benefiting all industry participants and end users.


For additional information on sponsorship opportunities, click here OR contact Al Keene

Speaking Opportunities

If you have a potential topic for presentation at this or another IMI conference, please submit your proposed presentation topic and a brief outline to Al Keene at IMI ( for review.


IMI is always looking for potential speakers for upcoming conference programs and will be pleased to discuss your ideas for potential presentation topics.

Free Display Space & Suppliers Forum Presentations

Printer, materials, and other product demonstrations/displays by both conference speakers and registrants are encouraged.  IMI will cooperate with all interested parties to provide appropriate space so products can be displayed and demonstrated during the conference breaks & receptions.  There is no charge in addition to the conference registration fee to have a display table and/or give a 5-minute Suppliers Forum presentation.  Interested companies should contact IMI President Al Keene to ensure that proper arrangements are made for product displays and demonstrations.


You can also reserve your display space and Suppliers’ Forum presentation slot by registering online and checking off the appropriate boxes indicating your participation.


I.T. Strategies Market Report

All participants will receive a free copy I.T. Strategies latest annual Market Report, The Numbers 2019 “Production & Industrial Print Global Statistical Summary.” Commissioned by IMI and generated from I.T. Strategies’ worldwide digital printing industry model, it provides an ongoing source of market information based on a consistent methodology and reporting structure.

About IMI

IMI sponsors conferences to assist in understanding emerging technology developments, markets and applications requirements. IMI conferences offer attendees unique opportunities for leading hardware, technology development, materials, manufacturing, software, and user companies to network and develop a more comprehensive understanding of current as well as future developments impacting successful product implementations, market entry/expansion and technology utilization. Since 1990, IMI has held over 600 programs attended by well

over 25,000 technical, marketing and management personnel from companies around the world.


IMI conference programs are designed to enable attendees to obtain the latest technical, market and application information while allowing time to network with other attendees in a time and cost-efficient manner.  Attendance at an IMI conference enables attendees to meet with an industry’s leading experts in a single location over a short period of time thus maximizing information transfer efficiency and minimizing travel and time expenses.

Details on all of IMI’s activities can be found on our web site or by contacting us:

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