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IMI Tech Talks @ InPrint USA

April 10, 2019


The IMI Tech Talks at InPrint USA are part of the innovative educational sessions being held during InPrint USA 2019 at the InPrint Theater on the show floor. They are designed to provide insights and understanding of technology developments which are fostering the growth and expansion of digital industrial print applications.


Complete information on InPrint 2019 (exhibitors, schedules, registration, lodging, etc.) can be found on their web site:


To receive a complimentary registration to InPrint 2019, use the promo code IMI19 on the registration form.

IMI Tech Talks @ InPrint USA

April 10, 2019

2:30 pm – 4:30 pm 

Work Associates, Inc.

Ink Jet Hard Surface Dye Transfer Technology

Dr. Ray A. Work, III, President, Work Associates

  • Sublimation vs. Diffusion

  • Applications: Graphics, Signage, Architectural Elements

  • Durability Challenges

  • Dye Interactions

  • Transfer Media

  • Unmet Needs & Future Development Opportunities


Dr. Ray A. Work, III, President, Work Associates, Inc.

Ray Work.jpg

Dr. Work is President of Work Associates, Inc. founded in 2001 upon his retirement from DuPont. Work Associates provides a variety of consulting, product development, product brokerage & related services. Dr. Work received his BS degree in Chemistry from Auburn University & PhD in Physical Inorganic Chemistry from Louisiana State University-New Orleans.  Following a Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship at University of Hawaii - Manoa, Dr. Work joined DuPont in 1972.    He held a wide variety of positions over nearly 29 years in DuPont's Photo Products, Printing & Publishing and Performance Coatings businesses. Dr. Work holds 7 US patents; has published more than 75 technical papers & articles and is a frequent speaker worldwide.  

In 1993 Dr. Work received BIS Strategic Decisions Founder's Award in recognition of the successful development of pigmented black ink jet ink for office printers first commercialized in HP DeskJet printers. Dr. Work received two DuPont Corporate Marketing Excellence Recognition awards: one in 1993 for work in developing the ink jet print head barrier film business and one in 1996 for leading the team that initiated and developed the ink jet inks business for DuPont.  After leading the effort to develop a relationship with Hewlett Packard he turned to developing relationships with other printer manufacturers.  As a result of these activities DuPont Ink Jet became one of the worlds' leading producers of ink jet inks and the world’s largest producer of pigment black inkjet Ink.


Technology for Industrial Inkjet Decoration

Craig Greenwood, Regional BU Director, TIGITAL®, TIGER Coatings

  • Industrial Solutions are More than Ink

  • Requirements, Testing, & Solutions: Décor & Direct to Metal

  • Integration into Manufacturing Operations

  • Economic Criteria for Success

Craig Greenwood, Regional BU Director TIGITAL®, TIGER Coatings

Craig Greenwood.PNG

Craig Greenwood is Regional BU Director TIGITAL®, for TIGER Coatings GmbH, a provider of digital inkjet and digital powder technology, for commercial printing, label, packaging, and industrial markets. TIGITAL® is a division of TIGER Coatings and is specialized in providing innovative digital ink formulations for industrial inkjet print systems. TIGITAL® manufactures UV curing inks, hybrid inks, water-based inks and special solvent-based inks.

Craig joined TIGER in June 2017. Prior to joining TIGER, Craig Greenwood served in sales management and business development for several companies including Quad Graphics, XYZprinting, Ricoh and NeuraLabel. He is a graduate of the University of Minnesota with a B/A degrees in Communication and History.


Closed Loop Image Control for Inkjet Systems

Jason LeFevre, System Engineer - Inkjet Integration for Production Printing, Xerox Corporation

  • Culture of Innovation

  • Production Aqueous Inkjet offerings

  • Xerox OEM Printheads & Electronics

  • Leading Image Quality Concerns

  • Jetter Recovery & Compensation

  • Image Artifact Correction

  • Closed Loop System Control

Jason LeFevre, System Engineer, Inkjet Integration for Production Printing, Xerox Corporation

Jason LeFevre-Xerox.jpg

Jason LeFevre has been a system engineer at Xerox for 15 years, initially working in the Small Office Monochrome printer division focusing on the advancement of xerographic process controls to maintain Image Quality.  In the past 10 years at Xerox, Jason’s experience has included a significant body of work in print process development for the Xerox Solid-Ink printing systems, primarily with the CiPress web fed printing press.  Following the successful product launch of the CiPress, efforts were directed towards Production Aqueous Inkjet systems, continuing to advance machine system controls to deliver target image quality.  During his time in Aqueous Inkjet systems Jason   has solved problems related to the deposition of charged “satellite” drops, air-flow impacts of drop’s in flight, and the overall long-term jetting stability of the drop-on-demand jetting module. 

Jason currently hold 76 patents covering a wide variety of technologies and has an additional 20 patents pending.  Prior to Xerox Corporation Jason earned a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Clarkson University.

Kao Collins.jpg

Inkjet Ink Developments Enabling New Opportunities for Industrial Print

Kristin Adams, Marketing Manager, Kao Collins

  • Different Markets, Difference Requirements

  • UV/EB Developments Continuing Growth

  • Remarkable Achievements of Novel Water Based Inks

  • New Economic Model for Printed Electronics & Decorative Printing

Kristin Adams, Marketing Manager

Kristin Adams.PNG

Kristin Adams has 15 years’ experience in the inkjet industry as the Marketing Manager for Kao Collins. She enjoys learning and sharing the ever-changing ways in which inkjet inks, and printers, push the limits of what’s possible with digital print. Through the development of eco-friendly solutions, Kao Collins seeks to maximize opportunities where inkjet can provide value and facilitate growth. Since 1980, the company has introduced innovative solutions that enable customers and OEMs to reduce costs, increase productivity, and expand offerings to various markets - graphics, commercial print, packaging, labeling, and consumer products.


Dr. Rich Baker, President, Integrity Industrial Ink Jet Integration

  • Overview of 3D Printing Techniques

  • Use of Inkjet in 3D Printing

  • Challenges of Quality, Speed and Function

  • Multi-Material, Multi-Function 3D Printing

  • Bio Tech and Pharmaceutical Fabrication

  • Trends and Future Developments

Advances in 3D Manufacturing

Dr. Rich Baker, President, Integrity Industrial Ink Jet Integration

Rich Baker.jpg

Dr. Rich Baker is President of Integrity Industrial Ink Jet Integration, a company that designs and fabricates bespoke industrial ink jet print systems for end user production lines.  Integrity has built print systems for numerous companies. Systems range from printing onto individual flat products to contoured direct to shape surfaces to web-based products, and covers applications including, high speed labels, food decoration, functional electronics, pharmaceutical & biotech deposition, window fashions, displays & touch screens and industrial 3D manufacturing.  Integrity is printhead and ink agnostic, and integrates with technologies from all the major printhead and ink companies.

Prior to founding Integrity, Rich worked at FUJIFILM Dimatix for 14 years. As Director of Business Development at FUJIFILM Dimatix, he was responsible for fostering relationships between world leading ink companies, OEM systems integrators and end user customers, as well as founding and managing their Systems Integrations Group.

Before FUJIFILM Dimatix, Rich held the position of Chemical Products Manager at Markem-Image, where he was responsible for developing a wide variety of inkjet inks, including hot melt.

Rich has a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Massachusetts.


Sean Towler, Applications Engineer, ImageXpert

  • Utilizing Advanced Dropwatching Technology to Optimize Drop Waveform

  • Increasing Nozzle Jetting Quality

  • Improving Overall Print Quality

  • Importance of Clean Jetting

  • Technical Aspects in Optimizing Waveform

Optimizing Your Waveform for Improved Print Quality

Sean Towler works as an Applications Engineer with ImageXpert in the implementation of research and development tools for the inkjet community. He graduated with an engineering degree from the University of New Hampshire.

Sean Towler.PNG

Sean Towler, Applications Engineer, ImageXpert

4:30 pm                     Adjournment  


IMI Tech Talks @ InPrint USA

April 10, 2019

Louisville, KY USA


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