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Industrial Print Academy Courses

(1-day each)

June 19-22, 2018

Industrial Inkjet System Design Course

Functional Materials Deposition Course

June 19, 2018


Inkjet Surfaces & Products Decoration Course

June 20, 2018


Applying “Real Life” Industrial Print Lessons Course

June 21, 2018

Embassy Suites Chicago – Lombard/Oak Brook

Lombard, Illinois


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Information Management Institute

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It’s hard not to notice that the world is going digital, and that increasingly applies to manufacturing, including industrial printing and decoration. Leading market forecaster IT Strategies has the industrial print market vendor revenues (hardware & consumables) growing to $10B in 2020 - yielding over $40B of retail revenue to print providers for the printed output.  This includes applications such as décor, product and surface decoration, deposition and incorporation of functional materials into products, complex multi-process 3D product manufacturing applications, security, packaging, and labeling.


Whatever industry you’re in, whether you are already implementing digital print or you plan to in the future, you may already be realizing that your current staff need to expand their expertise and you need to find the right suppliers to work with. Generally, the industry is short of the skills and experience needed to implement digital printing and deposition.


The IMI Industrial Print Academy features four courses run by experienced industry experts who will brief you on new technology and introduce you to the suppliers you need to implement digital print.


Come to IMI, the most experienced provider of conferences and courses in the digital print industry.


Course Descriptions

Industrial Inkjet System Design Course - June 19, 2018

Industrial inkjet system design and implementation requires a solid grounding in inkjet technologies and understanding of their potential usage in industrial & manufacturing applications.  This course provides that and then progresses with a step-by-step proven process to help Engineers, Managers and Directors understand how inkjet can be a beneficial process in a multi-step manufacturing line; connecting the dots between an initial idea, to feasibility studies, to development engineering, to system design, and ultimately, to production line implementation.


Functional Materials Deposition Course - June 19, 2018

The utilization of functional materials (materials that possess native properties and perform specific functions) provide the key to many industrial print applications which go beyond decoration and production of structural materials (including functional materials such as graphene, 2D materials, metals, drugs, electronic materials, composites, etc.). The requirements, challenges and application performance of digital deposition techniques (including 3D printing, additive manufacturing, inkjet, digital dispensing, hybrid approaches, etc.) will be presented. This course provides an understanding of and an ability to recognize what is possible in the near term; the limits of current technologies; and insights into the breakthroughs necessary to achieve ultimate success.


Inkjet Surfaces & Products Decoration Course - June 20, 2018

Regardless of the products being decorated and personalized (packaging, glass, textiles, footware, flooring, home décor, containers, etc.); basic surface parameters, ink properties, drying/curing, print quality/durability, product handling, data handling, workflows, etc. must be evaluated and optimized for each application. This course will discuss these crucial system aspects as well as the successes and challenges of inkjet in the diverse product decoration landscape.


Applying “Real Life” Industrial Print Lessons Course - June 21, 2018

For any industrial print system, software is fundamental as the printed image/pattern/materials are defined by data, rather than by a physical object like a roller or screen. Inkjet printing software accepts design image files as its input and needs to transform this into data understood by the printheads as an instruction either to fire, or not to fire, a nozzle actuator at a given time. This complex task requires image handling, color management and ink system management to ensure consistency, especially for advanced decorative and functional materials applications. Printing software also needs to split the data into suitable channels directed to each printhead in the system. This requires handling extremely high data rates to drive today's high resolution, high speed printheads, especially in single pass printing applications with multiple colors and large image sizes. This course provides an in-depth overview of the fundamental aspects of industrial applications and software functions necessary for successful implementation.

Typical Daily Course Schedule

 June 19-21, 2018 

8:00 a.m.                      Registration

8:30 a.m.                      Course Session Commences  

6:30 p.m.                      Network Luncheon

5:00 p.m.                      Course Adjournment

5:00 p.m.                      Networking Reception

Course Registration Fees

Registration Fee      $795 per registrant for single course

$745 per registrant or organization per course for two courses

$695 per registrant or organization per course >two courses

$495 Academic rate per registrant per course


IMI sponsors conferences and courses world-wide to assist in understanding technology developments, markets and applications requirements. IMI conferences and courses offer unique opportunities for leading hardware, technology development, consumables, software and user companies to learn, network, and develop a comprehensive understanding of current as well as future developments impacting successful product implementations, market entry/expansion, and technology utilization.

Since 1990, IMI has held over 600 programs attended by well over 25,000 technical, marketing and management personnel from companies around the world.

IMI programs are designed to enable attendees to obtain the latest technical, market and application information while allowing time to network with other attendees in a time and cost efficient manner. Attendance at an IMI program enables attendees to meet with an industry’s leading experts in a single location over a short period of time thus maximizing information transfer efficiency and minimizing travel and time expenses.

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