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Alchemie Technology is delivering the next generation of inkjet inspired digital manufacturing technologies. Our digital materials science platform can utilise liquids, solids, and powders to both build unique new products and deliver current products with less energy and materials. Our manufacturing processes are designed for Industry 4.0 and are delivering a paradigm shift in manufacturing flexibility and productivity. Our technologies are being adopted by diverse industries ranging from textiles, construction materials and electronics to foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

Contact:  Dr. Alan Hudd                                        Alchemie Technology
Founder & Director                                               Murdoch House
Tel: +44 1223 781 285                                         Garlic Row                        Cambridge CB5 8HW                             UK

Kao Collins formulates and manufactures innovative inkjet inks for high-speed, single-pass printing, including water-based, oil-based, solvent-based, UV-, LED-, and EB-curable technologies. Through the development of eco-friendly solutions, Kao Collins seeks to maximize opportunities where inkjet can provide value and facilitate growth.

Contact:  Kristin Adams                                         Kao Collins Inc.

Marketing Manager                                              1201 Edison Drive

Tel: +1 513-948-9000                                           Cincinnati, Ohio 45216                                       USA       



Siegwerk is a leading international suppliers of printing inks for packaging applications and labels. We combine our formulation knowledge and application expertise with digital printing process requirements to deliver customized inkjet ink solutions. Siegwerk has recently strengthened its position in the industrial inkjet space with the acquisition of the UV curable inkjet portfolio for packaging applications from Agfa Graphics.


Contact:  Tom Molamphy                                     

Sales & Technology Manager Inkjet – North America                                  

Tel: +1 503-718-4565                                                     


TROY Group, Inc. is a worldwide leader in personalized, layered, document security solutions used to prevent fraud, reduce risk, and comply with regulations protecting each document at the point of issue. TROY develops industrial inks, as well as customized security inks, for high value documents, labels, and package printing applications. With in-house R&D and manufacturing teams, overt and covert inks are developed and produced for your unique printing needs. Designed for document authentication, copy prevention and fraud deterrence, TROY keeps your security top of mind.

Contact: Francis Goossens                                  TROY Group, Inc.

Global Business Development Manager              3 Bryan Drive

Tel: 304-232-0899, ext. 258                                  Wheeling, WV 26003                                   USA


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