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Inkjet Academy
Theory of inkjet Technology

May 16-17, 2023

The Florida Hotel & Conference

Orlando, Florida

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Course Focus

Understanding the basics is essential to any industry’s development. The Inkjet Academy one-and-a-half-day course covers the theory and practice behind the many types of inkjet technology used today and aims to give your understanding of the industry an expert start by introducing concepts which are further expanded in other IMI Inkjet Innovation Academy courses.


Based on proven content but updated significantly in 2022/2023 to use plenty of practical examples from DoDxAct’s unique laboratory, the Inkjet Academy course will show you how printheads work, the materials used in their fabrication, and the introductory theory of their operation. You will also learn a little about ink types and properties, how inks are broadly formulated and used and why they are sometimes more challenging than inks for other print technologies. The ink supply systems and other crucial integration topics are also discussed to explain the importance of the system approach to inkjet application success for different markets. The course finishes with a discussion on established and developing applications/markets including a section on case-studies of different machines, highlighting what motivates the OEM design choices.


Presented by inkjet industry leading expert Dr. Mark Bale of DoDxAct and Dr. Terry Clayton of Summit Analytical, the course is designed to provide useful background information for anyone entering the inkjet industry, seeking an update on today’s technology, or looking for further fields of development.


Inkjet Academy Course Outline

May 16-17, 2023

The Florida Hotel & Conference 

Orlando, Florida

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

1:00 pm

1:30 pm


Opening Session


Welcome & introductions

Alvin G. Keene, President, IMI, Carrabassett Valley, Maine

Course Leaders:
Dr. Mark Bale, Director, DoDxAct, 
Binegar, Somerset, UK
Dr. Terry Clayton, Partner – Consultant, Summit Analytical, Gilford, New Hampshire

Introduction to Inkjet

  • Course Outline

  • Evolution of inkjet markets

  • Overview of inkjet technology & printhead intro

  • Introduction to ink types & key differences

  • Ink materials & formulations

  • Printhead-ink-substrate interactions

Industrial Inkjet Printheads

  • De-mystifying printhead specs

  • Real printheads by type & manufacturer

  • Bulk, thin Film, & MEMs explained

  • Choosing a printhead starting from the application performance

6:00 pm

Networking reception

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

8:00 am

Session 2

Inkjet Inks & Testing

  • Overview of ink physical differences by ejection process

  • Ink properties for jetting & wetting

  • Particles & the importance of dispersion

  • Manufacturing & quality assurance

  • Lab testing methods in formulation

Inkjet System & Components

  • Overview of factors influencing print quality

  • Ink & substrate

  • Ink supply systems design

  • Printhead integration - mechanics, failure, & maintenance

  • Role of hardware & software

  • Motion & droplet placement

  • Print quality metrics

12:00 pm

1:00 pm

Networking Lunch

Session 3

Industrial Inkjet Markets & Applications

  • The digital proposition & benefits

  • Development through collaboration

  • Example markets addressed by inkjet

    • Graphics, ceramics, textiles, packaging & beyond

  • Where is inkjet going?

  • Sustainability

Case Studies & Trends – What it Takes!

  • Graphics & textiles

  • Single Pass & packaging

  • Offset inkjet

  • Ceramic tiles

  • 3D printing

4:00 pm


Course Leaders

Dr. Mark Bale, Director, DoDxAct, Binegar, Somerset, UK 


Mark Bale is a PhD qualified Physicist who started DoDxAct Ltd in 2017 in order to provide practical support to those developing technology for the industrial inkjet printing industry based on independent laboratory facilities. Specialising in print heads, inks and the optimisation of print process, Mark is recognised by leading vendors of inks, printheads, printers, and components as someone who can enable their technology in the market and support their customers to success. DoDxAct's clients list comprises start-ups to globally recognised brands, spanning 4 continents with the common goal of getting the most out of their inkjet products or applications.

After starting his career in Oxford and Cambridge University spin-off companies Opsys, and CDT, Mark got into inkjet by helping develop the process to print OLED displays, including the print strategy & metrology to optimise the uniformity. Mark then worked with Sun Chemical for over 10 years, ultimately leading a team that supported the integration of cutting-edge inkjet ink developments of all types into OEM customers of their SunJet branded and private labelled products.

Dr. Bale earned his undergraduate degree and PhD in Physics from the University of Birmingham UK and is a published author of academic papers, patents, and online content on topics ranging from microfabrication, OELD devices to inkjet printing. 

Conference Sponsorships

IMI is excited to provide The Inkjet Universe sponsorship opportunity to expand the number of industry suppliers able to digitally position themselves “front and center” before a key group of inkjet business leaders including executives, product developers, technologists, major users, etc. - PLUS distributing their message to IMI’s global database of nearly 20,000 relevant contacts. Sponsors will receive ongoing recognition, exposure, and publicity for an entire year via multiple channels!

Our goal is to develop an “inkjet community” focused on generating excitement about rapidly expanding inkjet technology developments, markets, applications, and opportunities - thus benefiting all Inkjet industry participants and end users.

Our goal is to develop a “community” focused on the conference program and the Sponsors to generate excitement about inkjet technology, market, and application developments - benefiting all industry participants and end users.


For additional information on sponsorship opportunities, contact Al Keene

Sponsors of theinkjetuniverse

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Terry Clayton.png

Dr. Terry Clayton, Partner – Consultant, Summit Analytical, Gilford, New Hampshire

Terry Clayton is a PhD chemist and the owner of Summit Analytical which operates a product development and analytical laboratory in Gilford, New Hampshire. He has been active in formulation of inkjet, inks and coatings, and advanced materials for over 25 years working with customers internationally. He is now concentrating on offering the benefit of his broad experience on a consulting basis to continue to help companies who are navigating from analog printing to digital manufacturing.

Most recently, Terry led a world-class team as Director of EFI to develop and commercialize printers and inkjet inks to fuel the digital transformation. Prior to that role, Terry was Vice President of R&D at Chromatic Technologies, where he ran a synthetic chemistry team specialized in design microencapsulated materials, custom leuco dyes, photochromic, and thermochromic materials.  Before CTI, Terry led product development and the international expansion for Quad Graphics to build a European inks and coating manufacturing plant in Warsaw, Poland. In both these prior roles, his formulation responsibilities included products as diverse as paste inks for lithographic dry and wet offset, textile inks, gravure, and flexographic inks for packaging and conductive materials for printed electronics all based on a wide range of aqueous, heat-set, solvent, and radiation curable chemistries.  


Terry has a Doctorate in organic chemistry, an MS, and dual BS. He is an adjunct faculty member at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Key Executives graduate of Harvard Business School.

Speaking Opportunities

If you have a potential topic for presentation at this or another IMI conference, please submit your proposed presentation topic and a brief outline to Al Keene at IMI ( for review.


IMI is always looking for potential speakers for upcoming conference programs and will be pleased to discuss your ideas for potential presentation topics.

Free Displays

Conference Hotel

Printer, materials, and other product demonstrations/displays by both course leaders and registrants are encouraged.  IMI will cooperate with all interested parties to provide appropriate space so products can be displayed and demonstrated during the Inkjet Innovation Academy breaks & receptions.  There is no charge in addition to the conference registration fee to have a display table.  Interested companies should contact IMI President Al Keene to ensure that proper arrangements are made for product displays and demonstrations. You can reserve your display space by registering online and checking off the appropriate box indicating your participation.


IMI sponsors conferences to assist in understanding emerging technology developments, markets and applications requirements. IMI conferences offer attendees unique opportunities for leading hardware, technology development, materials, manufacturing, software, and user companies to network and develop a more comprehensive understanding of current as well as future developments impacting successful product implementations, market entry/expansion and technology utilization. Since 1990, IMI has held over 600 programs attended by well

over 25,000 technical, marketing and management personnel from companies around the world.


IMI conference programs are designed to enable attendees to obtain the latest technical, market and application information while allowing time to network with other attendees in a time and cost-efficient manner.  Attendance at an IMI conference enables attendees to meet with an industry’s leading experts in a single location over a short period of time thus maximizing information transfer efficiency and minimizing travel and time expenses.

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The reference materials for this completed program is not being sold at this time. If you would like to be contacted when another IMI conference on this topic is announced, click here.

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