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Industrial Inkjet

System Design Course

February 10-11, 2020

DoubleTree by Hilton Phoenix-Tempe,

Tempe (Phoenix), Arizona USA


Course Focus

IMI’s Industrial Inkjet System Design Course provides an essential grounding in inkjet technologies and the possibilities for the use of inkjet in industrial applications.  The course then progresses with a step-by-step proven process to help research, development, product management, and executive personnel understand how inkjet can be a beneficial process in a multi-step manufacturing line; connecting the dots between an initial idea, to feasibility studies, to development engineering, system design, and ultimately to production line implementation.


Inkjet has the potential to be used in a vast variety of markets and applications, in the industrial manufacturing space including 3D printing, direct-to-shape, automotive, aerospace, biotechnology, electronics, consumer goods, medical, pharmaceutical, textile as well as numerous other applications. This Industrial Inkjet System Design Course will explore how to set up a successful development program to assess, develop and implement an inkjet system for a specific end use.  Factors including process, flow, speed, substrate, print quality, ink type, pre and post print necessities, curing and user interfaces are just a few examples of the covered considerations that are pertinent to an industrial inkjet system design.


Since there are, commonly, no off-the-shelf print systems that a manufacturing company can simply review and buy, it is up to users to decide for themselves whether inkjet technology is a fit for them technically, economically, and for process productivity.  It is also up to them to specify, build, test, and implement a system.  Thus, it is highly important to have a preliminary understanding of inkjet and an ability to ask the right questions when creating an industrial system design as well as understanding the challenges of using inkjet in a manufacturing environment.


The future possibilities of inkjet technology are expansive, and exciting!  IMI’s Industrial Ink Jet System Design Course, led by Dr. Rich Baker, President of Integrity Ink Jet Integration provides guidance and practical experience to people considering using inkjet as an industrial manufacturing process.

Industrial Ink Jet System Design Course Outline

Monday, February 10, 2020

1:00 pm                  Registration 

1:30 pm                  Opening Session 

Welcome & Introductions

Alvin G. Keene, President, Information Management Institute, Inc., Carrabassett Valley, Maine, USA

Course Leader:

Dr. Rich Baker, President, Integrity Industrial Ink Jet Integration, Lebanon, New Hampshire

What is inkjet? Technologies, how it works, limitations

Inkjet technology fundamentals

Nuances of printhead designs

Comparing specifications

Attractiveness of inkjet

Inkjet traits that are unique

How they can be useful in various industrial manufacturing processes

6:00 pm                  Networking Reception

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

8:00 am                  Session 2

Setting up a development program: Feasibility, development, optimization, implementation, improvement

Selecting the team (Roles & responsibilities)

Setting expectations

Utilizing outside experience

Phasing the program

Costs & typical challenges

Inkjet application challenges & solutions (Or at least approaches….and when to give up!)

Inks & process

Drive electronics & data paths

Color RIPs & image quality

Mechanical tolerances and error budgets

Mitigating image defects

Increasing uptime & system availability

12:00 Noon            Networking Lunch

1:00 pm                  Session 3

Example test cases

How specific challenges were identified, addressed and overcome

Emerging applications

A look at where the inkjet industry is going:

3D printing/additive

Functional materials




Printed Electronics


& more!

Developing a system design strategy

Open discussion of participants’ potential applications

4:00 pm           Adjournment  



Dr. Rich Baker, President, Integrity Industrial Ink Jet Integration, West Lebanon, New Hampshire 

Rich Baker.PNG

Dr. Rich Baker is President of Integrity Industrial Ink Jet Integration, a company that designs and fabricates bespoke industrial ink jet print systems for end user production lines.  Integrity has built print systems for numerous companies. Systems range from printing onto individual flat products to contoured direct to shape surfaces to web-based products, and covers applications including, high speed labels, food decoration, functional electronics, pharmaceutical & biotech deposition, window fashions, displays & touch screens and industrial 3D manufacturing.  Integrity is printhead and ink agnostic, and integrates with technologies from all the major printhead and inks companies.

Prior to founding Integrity, Rich worked at FUJIFILM Dimatix for 14 years. As Director of Business Development at FUJIFILM Dimatix, he was responsible for fostering relationships between world leading ink companies, OEM systems integrators and end user customers, as well as founding and managing their Systems Integrations Group.


Before FUJIFILM Dimatix, Rich held the position of Chemical Products Manager at Markem-Image, where he was responsible for developing a wide variety of inkjet inks, including hot melt.


Rich has a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Massachusetts.

Complimentary Display Space

Printer and other product demonstrations/displays by Inkjet Innovation Academy registrants are encouraged.  IMI will cooperate with all interested parties to provide appropriate space so products can be displayed and demonstrated during the course breaks.  There is no charge in addition to the course registration fee to have a display table.  Interested companies can reserve a display space on the online registration form or contacting IMI President Al Keene with any questions or special requirements.

I.T. Strategies Market Report

All delegates will receive a free copy of the annual Digital Printing Market Report by IT Strategies. Generated from their worldwide digital printing industry model, it provides an ongoing source of market information based on primary research.


IMI Industrial Inkjet

System Design Course

February 10-11, 2020

DoubleTree by Hilton Phoenix-Tempe,

Tempe (Phoenix), Arizona USA


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